Field Comparison

Field Comparison

I have been trying to compare a lead score with another field which contains an adaptive threshold (based on demographic data).  Marketo does not currently allow you to logically compare two fields or use simple operators such as addition and subtraction.

I would consider this basic functionality and the platform is severely limited without it.
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We have a number of solution scoring fields and want to see which is the top scoe and set another field accordingly. We don't have salesforce so that is not a solution.  Seems astonishing that we can't do this.

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I agree that field value comparison is something I would like to see added. Another obvious use case that we have just come across is when we do data enrichment. We are using Leadspace to enrich new leads. The data from Leadspace delivers fields in our standardized  values e.g. for industry, company size and job role. What we want to do is have a Smart List that simply identifies any leads that have been enriched where the two values (e.g. leadspace industry and industry) do not match. So either having a filter that compares two field values OR supporting tokens within smart lists would make this possible.

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