Expose "skip" for REST API on Activities with "Do Nothing" choices

Expose "skip" for REST API on Activities with "Do Nothing" choices

One of the less-commonly-known facts about Marketo's REST API is that all activities within a record's Activity Log are recorded--even if the Activity itself isn't really an Activity.


This is notable in cases where someone has set up a choice in a Flow Step that corresponds to an Activity. For example, someone may have a Change Data Value or Change Progression Status Flow Step with multiple options along the lines of:


Choice 1: If condition is met, update this value. Else, do nothing.


This is a pretty common setup for Marketo users to have in Smart Campaigns, so when someone hits the Else condition, they get an Activity in their log similar to the following:




When this activity is looked at via REST API, however, it simply shows the associated lead ID, step ID, activity ID, etc. without providing any additional context. This can make things look as though there is some sort of error occurring and not that this is intentional behavior. As a result, would it be possible to expose skip as a value that can be seen from Activity extracts? This allows developers to see that this is an intentional omission and not a technical issue.