**Event features badly needed **

**Event features badly needed **

  1. Scheduling option to activate triggers (can schedule expiration but not activation!)
  2.  'Fills out form' filter - badly need a 'time' constraint e.g fills out form between these time parameters
  3.  For event channels we don't have 'recipient time zone' option but we do for email campaigns eg newsletters! its more important for events!
  4. Additional calendar file options than just ICS.
  5. Send all assets in one go to your email for testing. Rather than having to send individually! 
Level 1

Completely agree!

Level 1

I'd agree, the 'time' constraint in particular - that would help unlock a lot more functionality in our campaigns! 

Level 2
  • Have the option to see date someone registered via a subscription report
  • Bring back the Marketo check-in app, we have had to create work-around solution which is not as good,  its badly missed
  • Waitlisting - a way to have this fully automated, at the moment its a half-baked service offering in Marketo
  • Better visuals in Marketo on data, no pie charts of top clients, very hard to visualise data, have to know what you are looking for or export to powerbi (something like visuals hubspot offers be great)