Enhance the email and landing page test dashboards

Enhance the email and landing page test dashboards

We do a lot of A/B testing across emails and landing pages, and we share the results of these tests with the larger organization. I've built a homegrown library of my historical A/B testing results, but it's clunky to maintain, and time consuming to pull data from different sources and bring it all together into something presentable. 

I think the email test dashboard is a step in the right direction, but right now I feel it is lacking some key features to make it truly useful as reference material for past tests, and for presentation purposes. Additionally, the landing page testing functionality completely lacks any sort of dashboard,, so I'd love to see a similar enhanced dashboard added to landing pages as well. Here's what I think should be added:

-Description of what the test was: a subject line test, a layout test, etc (these could even be free-form text entry from the creator. There just needs to be something to note why you tested in the first place so someone else could put your results in context. Any ability to include screenshots/reference to the actual creative of champions and challengers would also be helpful here to visually indicate what was tested.

-A notes field for writing the initial hypothesis. What did you expect to see before running the test?

-The time frame of the test

-The size of the sample: number sent/delivered/visited/etc

-A notes section in the results for describing key learnings/next steps

-Built-in statistical significance calculations/confidence level information

-Automatic calculation of percent difference between champion and challenger

-Percentages shown with more than one decimal point. With thousands of visits to a page, even a hundredth of a percent is a big difference. See my idea on this topic here>>

-Additionally: for landing page tests, allow the ability to store tests for historical reference. Otherwise, if you remove one of the test landing pages from the test group, it breaks any ability to go back and compare the test results later.

If others have additional ideas to improve test dashboards (or existing ideas already on the community), please feel free to post/link to this idea!

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