Email ID System Token

Email ID System Token

Being able to auto-populate the email ID in emails by making a {{}} system token available, similar to {{}} and {}}

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Hey Anthony,

Can you elaborate on what you mean by email ID? Marketo has a couple tokens that could help here. A few listed below.

Email Address: {{lead.Email Address}}

Lead ID: {{lead.ID}} <- # that is shown in the record domain


How does the value you are asking for differ from what is available? Can you explain the use case?


Keith Nyberg

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Sorry, I probably should have worded it differently.  I mean the asset id.  Each email asset has its own 'id" similar to how a program or campaign does.  But we are not able to dynamically pull that ID using a token unlike the program id and campaign id.  This seems weird to me because when you get bulk exports of activity/email data, they are broken out by email id. 

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In Velocity:

  #set( $AssetId = $mktmail.xMarketoIdHdr.split(":")[5] )


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Hi Sandy,

How do you get to know this ???


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Check all of your distractions/attractions
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Obviously this isn't documented anywhere in Marketo.  Did you ever think about writing a book about all of the undocumented information that's stored in your head (and some of it sprinkled here on the community and on your blog)?!

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I have thought about the three of us writing a book...

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This is fantastic. I've been looking for this for ages.

Is there a way to set a variable that pulls the Asset Name? For example, email asset 311 is named Prospects_ThankYou_Spring19

#set( $AssetId = $mktmail.xMarketoIdHdr.split(":")[5] ) gives me 311 when I use the $AssetID variable.

How can I set a variable $assetName that inserts Prospects_ThankYou_Spring19 instead? I'm trying to automate some of our UTM campaign tags, and our data team wants the Asset Name, not the asset ID.


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Unfortunately the name isn't surfaced here.

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Hey - this was SO helpful. It solved our business problem.

However, it took referencing the token name again in the velocity script in order to populate. See here:

#set( $emailId = $mktmail.xMarketoIdHdr.split(":")[5] )

This worked!