Dynamic Email modules

Dynamic Email modules

It would be great if it would be possible to create a "dynamic module" where you ould add different content based on the segmentation the lead is in. For example different text, image and button (label + URL). Currently buttons "href" cannot made dynamic and you need to create a new email that has this different content.

Level 10 - Community Advisor

If you have segmentation created then you can make the email dynamic and CTA text too. 

Yes, you cannot make the CTA link dynamic, however, you can make your Marketo LP dynamic and use the same in email. 

But, for using the external LPs in the email, this update (making CTA links dynamic) can be a great plus. 

Level 9 - Community Advisor + Adobe Champion

Agree to make CTA links dynamic would be great for multiple web domains (language web pages)


For example, in EMEA region I have 12 web domains, and whilst the rest of the email content is dynamic, if I have different language CTA links, it makes more work


Fine for the 5 English language webpages but the other 7 languages would benefit from dynamic CTA links