Dynamic counts within the smart list

Dynamic counts within the smart list

It would be great if you could show the size of audience from within the smart list dynamically, this would allow the marketers to be able to see the effect that newly added smart list criteria has on size of their list - it would also provide a red flag if they had used an and/or criteria incorrectly. Maybe use cached data for the count so it doesn't slow down the building process but this would be a great feature as it would mean you don't have to click out of that screen to see the size of audience.

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If the product was 20% slower to accomodate this feature - would you do it?

Always curious about the trade offs one has to make. Great idea, I'd be super geeked to know this info out, but I wouldn't want to know it if it took Marketo 20% longer to run on everything I had to do throughout the course of a day.

I voted for your idea, just curious. 🙂
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Thanks Adam! And no, I'd be a wreck if the product had a 20% lag to accomodate that feature! I think I'd be ok with some sort of a delay but I like to work quickly so a lag of substantial magnitute would be irritating. That said, here's another afffiliated suggestion - it would be great if that functionality could be turned on or off. So maybe it's off by default (or better yet the user defines their default through their profile) but for a particulary complicated smart list the user hits a 'dynamic counts' button, or if a supervisor needs to approve the smart list they can go in and select 'dynamic counts'. So many possiblities 🙂 
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I agree this is a nice feature to have, but "see" the impact of having a realtime/dynamic could updating based on criteria.

Definite performance hit on the back-end

Perhaps a refresh button/icon like on the summary screen could be a trade-off...?
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