Dynamic access to leads from workspaces

Dynamic access to leads from workspaces

Let's imagine this (realistic) situation : a large newspaper group has a 10 million+ lead/contact database. They sell about 80 to 90 different products (newspapers) to this database, and each contact in the database subscribe and unsubscribe regularly to these newspaper, both for the online and paper editions. The frequency of subscriptions / un-subscriptions is frantic because people can buy only a single edition of a newspaper or subscribe for a couple of weeks or months.

Each newspaper has it's own sales and marketing team and is only supposed to market to a small subset of the whole database:

  • Current subscribers
  • Previous subscribers
  • Some prospects that have come to the website of this newspaper and filled one form

Furthermore, in these 3 targets, some might have opt-in to Marketing emails and some might not, in which case they are entitled to receive only operational emails.

Again, what's make it tricky is that a single person might be in the target of multiple newspapers from the product portfolio. The average is about 3 current/expired subscriptions per person.

Marketo today is not well fitted for this use case. Many aspects would have to be enhanced, but this idea is to cover one of them : how do we make sure that the newspaper teams can only target the 3 lists of people above.

The partition / workspace model cannot handle this well because either a person cannot belong to more than 1 partition and that makes cross selling difficult. The other alternative would be to duplicate persons in the db, making the dedupe key to be "email + newspaper", which will drive the database to triple, but also make it very difficult to handle from other products (CRM, billing, ...) where the person ought to be unique.

This idea is that in this situation, we should be able to have all the leads in 1 partitions and 1 workspace for each product(newspaper). Then, instead of having the workspace linked to partitions in a static way, we would define filters in the admin that would set which leads could be accessed from a workspace.

I have seen similar needs in the higher education, tradeshow organizers, ...


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