Durable Email Invalid

Durable Email Invalid

Currently Marketo has "Durable Unsubscribe" which unsubscribes all leads with the same email across workspaces/partitions. This allows for unsubscribing to apply to duplicates as well.

When an email is invalid we do not have a "durable email invalid". Some situations call for intentional duplicates in a Lead Database.

For example a banking company has a lead who is interested in a Home Loan, so they market to that lead for home loans. Same lead then is also looking to start their own business and needs a Small Business loan. The bank decides to use a different workspace or lead for the different business units marketing to their leads; which causes Jon to show up twice in the DB intentionally.. If the lead Mr. Doe with his email Jon.Doe@webserver.com comes in invalid for some reason on the lead who wanted an Home loan, we do not mark them as invalid on the other side (small business loan unit) and skews the bounce rates on emails..

The feature that would be introduced would be if a lead is invalid it marks it as invalid across all possible duplicates similar to how we do the unsubscribe. If for example as well we then fix Jon's email to be the correct email that we would then update it across the board..

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