Add ability to customize subscription emails

Add ability to customize subscription emails

It'd be great if we could customize the report and smart list subscription emails, just like we're able select an email via a Send Alert program flow. I can see real use in customizing the from name/email address, subject line, content, expiry time, among others. In many cases, this is used to send automated reporting to business partners who don't use Marketo, so configuring the messaging would be ideal, and would also allow recipients to respond directly to someone with questions.

Report and smart list subscriptions are such a great feature and I feel like this enhancement would make them even more usable.

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it would be very useful to also add a start and end time for the subscription.  we have many use cases where a report needs to be sent for a specific period of time, but we have to build it when needed (not ahead of time) and end it (which is a manual task)

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It would also be great to choose exactly when I want these reports to be sent.  I'm only given a few options with the frequency, such as Every Monday, Every Tuesday, Every Wednesday, etc., or the 1st of every month.  Why can't I choose something like the 15th of every month, or the 3rd Thursday of every month?  This would be a huge help!

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