Delete program if its assets are in use internally

Delete program if its assets are in use internally

I know this issues has been mentioned before, in the "Just do it!" thread, but there did not seem to be an actual idea linked there, so I'm posting this now.


As it stands today, if you are trying to delete a program, and the program contains, for example, a form that is used inside of a landing page, even if the form and the landing page are both inside the program, and thus would be included in the deletion process, you can't delete the program because the form asset is "in use" by the program you are trying to delete.


If the only reference to the assets is in the program targeted for deletion, I would like the ability to proceed and delete the entire program. It would be fine to get an "orange" warning about this, but deleting is already such a tedious process and this just makes the entire thing 10x worse. Yes, of course my program assets are referencing each other. I'd be more concerned if they weren't!

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Another important note with this is that reports local to a program that reference that program's assets also prevent programs from being deleted. Finding this an annoyance today so I thought I'd mention it as well.