Delayed Email Send

Delayed Email Send

   Similar to how emails are created and 'queued' for delivery with an Engagement program using the recipient timezone feature it would be nice to have a flow step that could create an email and queue it up for delivery at a later date. This would be helpful for situations where you are referencing fields in an email that you expect to change frequently but are wanting to send an email in the future with the data that is currently on the field.

   A common use case for this would be if someone requests a piece of content and we send an email containing the information they need to access this content which was generated using a lead token and want to send a reminder a few days later that they need to download their content. The fields holding the content information are likely to be updated again if they request additional content, in this case the reminder would include data on the most recent piece of content they requested and not from the piece of content they requested a few days ago. With a delayed email send flow step we could generate the email using the data stored on the lead fields at that moment in time and delay it for delivery for a few days or more.

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I shudder at the storage overhead of such an idea (which amounts to storing infinite snapshots of lead changes).

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