Default Column Size

Default Column Size

A lot of my smart list views and reports only have a handful of columns; the default size for each column is the same, and most usually too small. It would be nice, by chance, if all columns COULD be expanded to show all details and still fit on the screen, it would do so. Likewise, if they are not, then some weighted priority to some fields (company, full name, etc) could let them be wider and other fields lower on the view can be truncated. Adding the option to double-click between the column headers to expand that column to 'full width of longest entry' much like done in Excel or Google Sheets would be beneficial as well.

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Anna ZemanAtanasio Segovia

Keep in mind for any future UX changes to grids.

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Great idea JD Nelson​, it's annoying to keep having to adjust smart list view columns one by one when you add another column in. The Excel functionality of double-clicking to expand to the full width of the longest entry would be epic.

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