Custom logic rules for ContentAI categories

Custom logic rules for ContentAI categories

Right now we have the functionality to tag an asset with multiple tags which is great. So, we have been tagging an asset as a Guide if it is a guide, SMB if it is for an SMB, and German if the asset is in German. So we can potentially have one asset that is tagged as SMB, Guide, German. 

However, when we put the contentAI piece in emails and we put in all 3 categories in the setup, it essentially functions as an OR statement. ContentAI essentially says display an asset if it is German OR Guide OR SMB.

In order to expand the usage of contentAI, we need to be able to set rules from withing the pop-up that adds ContentAI pieces within emails or other areas. 

In the example provided, I would like to say category is German AND SMB AND (Guide OR Blog)

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