Create a "Last SFDC Sync" Date Field to help with sync error investigations

Create a "Last SFDC Sync" Date Field to help with sync error investigations


I have had a lot of sync issues to deal with recently I realized it's very difficult to isolate and troubleshoot the leads that failed to sync.

I think having a field that indicates Marketo of the date of the last successful SFDC sync would be of great help.

My use case is that some clients encounter situation where campaign sync errors or lead sync errors happen and blocks the leads from synching. Despite all our joint efforts with the CRM team it's not something we could completely avoid, but rather keep under control.

Currently the only way we have to visualize these leads is to go to notifications and investigate each leads separately, and fix them manually.

My idea is to have a field that indicates "Last SFDC Sync" Date stamp to help isolate these leads.

This would allow me to combine various smartlist filters for reporting, to run batch action flows, and would really facilitate the investigation of potential sync issues.

Example Use Case:

Pull MRK Qualified Leads that where not properly pushed to sales to send for data quality control staff to investigate.


Logics: 1 AND 2


1 - Data Value Changed

Add Constraint / Attribute: Lead Status

New Value = MRK Qualified

Date of Activity: in past 24 hours

2- Not Data Value Changed

Add Constraint / Attribute: Last SFDC Sync Date

Date of Activity: in past 24 hours

Once we have that in hand we could event leverage that to make batch updates and backfilling.

I hope this idea takes off.


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Hi David,

There quite a few ideas around helping to diagnose the sync errors. Such as :

This is to say that it's a real painful problem. SFDC admin tend to create all sort of validation rules, workflows or Business Process that impact other objects to which the Marketo sync user has no right, triggers, etc... without understanding the consequences to Marketo users.

So I really agree with you : Marketo need to provide more capabilities to dig into sync error, leverage detailed errors codes from SFDC and enable, etc...


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Thanks for your support an for sharing these links.

I also want emphasize that this can turn into a serious money pit

considering missed qualified leads, bad analytics and extensive hours of

troubleshooting - could all be saved if given the right levers for us to

work with.

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