create a 'gated' web page

create a 'gated' web page

Proposed functionality.
Some times we need to create a 'gated' web page with assets such as videos, pdf etc.
We can do it using custom javascript etc, but it might be a good candidate for built in functionality in Markeo. There can be more related functionality such as,
1> Ability to 'gate' any landing page, whether a form or a assets page.
2> Ability to 'gate' it using a form. Ie. before the audience can access that landing page, they have to fill the specified form.
3> Ability to enforce it 'every time' or 'only once' or 'only once in session'
4> Ability to gate using an authentication form containing Marketo fields. Like using custom Marketo fields for unique id and password dialog before granting access to the landing page. Thus each target visitor will have unique id / password combination.
5> Ability to specify a static 'one for all' password for the landing page.
6> And may be, forgot password etc functionality.
7> It would be really great if we can have this 'authentication control' can enforce the authentication depending on whether the visitor is 'known' or/and 'member of a smart list'.
I am sure this can be achieved using API and custom coding. But wanted to see if there is a value in having it in product itself.
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Hi Rajesh,

I'm looking for a similar idea for our resource center, our central page for access to all case studies, white papers, etc. We are trying to do a similar form so that visitors only have to enter their information once and have access to any assets within that session. 

Have you tried doing the custom javascript yet? We have not, and would love any feedback on how you implemented and next steps.


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Hi Tabitha,

We did not have a solid requirement here yet so have not implemented it personally yet. I did similar functionality with other solutions but not yet with Marketo. Will try to sqeeze is some time to put some thing together if I have some time...
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