Create a filter for smart list to track SFDC synchro issue

Create a filter for smart list to track SFDC synchro issue

We do have our Marketo platform connected to various 3rd party tool (Event, Webinar, ...).  Integration with these 3rd party tools are running fine. However, making sure that data consistency with our internal system is aligned is often difficult : a slight difference in a picklist value, a fields not matching what is expected with your CRM and you will got some synchronization error.
Chasing errors by looking at your batch/trigger results, or looking at Lead log to understand where you got a hit is still a manual task and time consuming.

What if we get a smartlist filter that we could set in order to track SFDC synchronization issues, get report or launch some flows to address them if required? Even better, if in such smartlist, we are able to customize type of issue (ie: by adding a constraint), it will be very helpful. 

Don't hesite to share you thoughts. It just an idea and may be some people looking at this thread may have same interest. 🙂

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This would be SO helpful!

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Agree this would be useful as often SFDC sync errors give you no clue as why they triggered.