Clone Marketo Custom Object

Clone Marketo Custom Object

Wouldn't it be great to have a clone feature for marketo custom objects - using which we can re-create a similar CO quite easily and quickly.

1. When you forgot adding a link field - you cannot edit a CO to add a link field once it is approved - Quick cloning and adding required link field would be great to have.

2. If you are making a similar CO for some other use case as you might not want to share a single CO space for 2 different use cases - It would be great to have a clone feature in such scenarios

3. CO allows 50 fields - in-case you have alot of fields it is quite cumbersome and error-prone when you want to create a new CO with same/similar fields to already an existing CO. 


It is not a must have feature but it would definitely be a good add-ons and indeed a blessing for the folks who are working regularly on Custom Object.