Clear a Tag's Value when Program is Cloned

Clear a Tag's Value when Program is Cloned

Right now, I have several users who do not update tags when cloning programs. When you clone a program, all of the original program's tags are cloned onto the new program (except Period Cost). Since the new program inherits the existing tag from the old program, it makes it very easy for users to forget to update the tags. We use tags to run high-level reports, and when the tags are wrong, the information we produce about our program execution is wrong.

It would be great to have the option to configure a tag so that it will automatically clear the value when a program is cloned. This would work just like Period Cost works currently. This way when people clone programs, the required tags must be revised and updated. This behavior could be configured on the Tags Edit panel, just like the 'Required' checkbox is currently, and the Tags panel itself could have another column added to indicate which tags would be cleared when programs are cloned.

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I have this same problem. I currently audit new programs as I see them but in a larger organization that would not be possible.

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This makes a lot of sense, particularly for larger organisations running many campaigns.

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