Campaign Flow Restriction Settings: Add 'minutes' to time unit options

Campaign Flow Restriction Settings: Add 'minutes' to time unit options


I've noticed some automated anti-spam checkers have been clicking links many times automatically causing the lead score for some of our leads to be over-inflated and disingenuous; it's causing them to hit MQL stage way before they are actually at that point.

A way to prevent this would be to restrict the number of times a lead can pass through a campaign for a certain time frame, however Marketo's smallest unit for time is hours. This poses a problem as it is plausible for a lead to engage with an email link or social app button more than once within an hour time frame. I did attempt to use decimal points (i.e. every 0.5 hours) however the format could not be saved.

Could Marketo please consider adding in 'minutes' as an option to the available units. This will allow the lead to be restricted from passing through the flow for an interval smaller than one hour, but prevent them from running through 10--20 times within one minute as has been happening with some of our leads. 



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It would be great to have the option to run a triggered campaign only every X minutes.

Our use case: We can only transfer every 5 Minutes data via an API. If we have within 5 minutes e.g. multiple Interesting Moments we'll transfer duplicates instead of unique IMs.