Calendar Token- HTML, and Google/Outlook/Apple integration

Calendar Token- HTML, and Google/Outlook/Apple integration

First, the calendar token only works for Outlook and Apple environments. It would be great if there could be a Gcal file as well.

Second, it would be great if the description in the Calendar token could handle HTML text not just tokens (Please note: I tried to substitute a rich text token, the html was displayed in the body of the calendar file, I also tried it without that capability).

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Eric Salamon​ we are working on implementing this in the new user experience that we announced at Summit!

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Frank, that is wonderful. I unfortunately was not able to make it to summit but it is good to know that you are already working on this!

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Do you have an ETA for this? Since this string is a few months old I am hoping it will be very soon.

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Hello! Frank Passantino​ do you know if there's an update on this? Thanks!

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Any update on this feature? I am getting a lot of complaints about the calendar not adding and 3rd party tools aren't much better.

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