Calendar Functionality Improvements

Calendar Functionality Improvements

We've been using the Calendar functionality for a few months now and would love to see some added features. In no particular order:

  • Remove weekends from the view
  • Full Screen mode (to project just the calendar on the screen)
    • "Let me show upcoming entries to a room full of people without dead space around the calendar."
  • Clicking on a day expands the day to see all the entries
    • "Because some days have a lot more entries than others."
  • Ability to view Day/Week/Month or custom time period
    • "I like to be able to zoom in on specific periods and then out to see the big picture."
  • Default option so when you open the calendar it goes to the current date instead of the last entry date
    • "I can click Today from the pull-down, but I now do that every time I open the calendar"
  • Ability to export the calendar to a visual file. Should be exportable to customized time frame.
    • "Let me send a file to the executive team that shows all of our activities for the next two weeks."
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Also, let us add items that are not part of a program that might impact program scheduling. Board meetings, market holidays, product launch dates, etc. Then let us sync with SFDC or Outlook or allow "read only" privileges.

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I would like to see a better way (colors) to identify programs, events, editorial calendar, customers buying calendar, content deliverables, etc. Right now, I find it difficult as a marketing leader to find what I need to easily outside of looking at icons.

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