Bulk Activation of Scheduling

Bulk Activation of Scheduling

A collection of 'Smart Campaigns' have been created and their 'Settings' have been set it would be nice in some situations to be able to activate / deactivate them in bulk.

How could this work?

Hold 'Shift' and click on each 'Smart Campaign', then 'right-click' and select 'Activate All'. You could even offer individual activation in this way. A message box could then pop up and ask the user to type 'CONFIRM' to do this. 

On some occasions this would be preferable to the current approach that requires a user to go into each 'Smart Campaign' individually, click on 'Schedule' and then click 'Activate' - this is very repetitive and time consuming.

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I know it's hard to do just one and not the other, but it would be GREAT to have this for deactivation... I'd be a little more nervous with activation.

And maybe this could also be limited by privilege levels!
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Further to this, imagine being able to name assets, like emails in a way that you could search for them and then after a template update batch approve them all. In some cases that would reduce 5-minutes down to 5-seconds for me.

As a safeguard against error, how about a pop up: 'Are you sure you want to do this?' - the extra click's worth the time saved and the increased flexibility.
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Agreed - I think a bulk deactivation ability would be WONDERFUL.

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