Browse for image in rich text box during email editing

Browse for image in rich text box during email editing

While editing an email when adding an image to a rich text box why is it not possible to browse for the image you are looking for.  It seems like wasted time and extra steps to have open the design studio, navigate to the image, copy the image URL and then reopen the email for editing to paste the URL in.
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You can do this now. You just have to drag in the Image icon into the modal (rather than click on the link inside of the modal editor) and you'll get the picker for images right there.
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Erik, two questions:

  • How do we upload images to the picker?
    • I'm working in the Marketing Activities area on an email I created from a template stored in Design Studio. I'd like to upload single-use images that will be used once in a single email and which don't need to be tied to templates.
  • How can we best filter the picker to look in subfolders to find a specific image? There is a "Search In:" drop down, but it shows every folder and subfolder in the same, non-hierarchical list, making it difficult to find the images that I was able to organize so nicely from within Design Studio.


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