Be able to remove/hide the "delete user" button.

Be able to remove/hide the "delete user" button.

As we are now able to expire users instead of deleting them, some companies want to enforce a rule of no longer deleting users (mainly for compliance issues).

The problem is that admin can still delete users and will do (as anything that can happen will...).

We should have a setting somewhere in the admin by which we could hide the "delete user" button. Of course, admins could change this setting, but they would have to do so on purpose. This would prevent distraction errors.


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It is actually best practice not to delete users so that you will have the Audit Trail capabilities for said users if they remain as expired in your system.

I have at times (prior to the ability to expire accounts) changed email & password for users in our instance just to keep the ability to see who originally created and last modified items.

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