Be Able to Embed Links on Pictures in Landing Pages

Be Able to Embed Links on Pictures in Landing Pages


I know that the landing page editor is also a WYSIWYG, but I wish it had the option to embed links within the pictures like you can with text. Sometimes I want to put buttons on my landing pages like "Download Now" and I can't have the embed option with pics (on pics it just gives me the gear with minimal options like segmentation, delete, etc). I know you can embed links on pics in the email editor, but don't understand why you can't on landing pages. I know this can be done with coding, but I feel like it should be more simple than having to take the time to code.

The best thing would be like my last idea and get away form the WYSIWYG editor and make your own in house landing page development program.



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We're actively working on upgrading the editing experience throughout Marketo. That said, the functionality you mention is possible today without getting into any code:

1. Drag a "Rich Text" element onto your landing page.
2. Click the "Insert/edit image" button in the rich text editor.
3. Type in the URL of any image you want to embed, even those that are hosted in your Marketo instance. Click "Insert."
4. Highlight the image in the rich text editor, then click the "Insert/edit link" button.
5. Specify the URL you wish the image to point to when clicked. Click "Insert."
6. Click "Save"

Your image will now be an active link to the specified URL.


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