Automatically Adjust for Daylight Savings Time in U.S.

Automatically Adjust for Daylight Savings Time in U.S.

Some others like me are finding out that Marketo system time seemed to not adjust automatically with the daylight savings time change in the U.S. this past weekend.

The system should do this automatically AND not impact our scheduled activities.

Manually adjusting your time zone in your Marketo profile changes the time on all of your scheduled reports, emails, nurture streams, etc. -- which means they are off by 1 hour until you go re-set them all.

And then you may have to do it all over again several months later when daylight savings time happens again.

Please let me know if I am missing something in the Admin area that would fix / solve this.
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Hi Bruce,

The time zone setting you are looking for says "Daylight Time" and then the name of a major city like New York or Los Angeles: (GMT-04:00) Eastern Daylight Time (America/New_York) (EDT)
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Hi Alex,
Yes I found Central Daylight Time (America/Chicago), but I had to manually change this in my Marketo profile. I previously had it set to Central Standard Time, which was in effect until last weekend. When the clocks changed from CST to CDT, my Marketo instance was then one hour behind until I manually updated my time zone.

Doing this also adjusted the times on all my scheduled reports, emails, etc. making them one hour later than they are supposed to be.

Perhaps I had some of my settings wrong prior to last weekend....but I do hope I won't have to manually change my Marketo time zone from CDT to CST and back twice per year.
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The Marketo system automatically switches back-and-forth between Standard and Daylight Savings for the time zone preference you've selected. So, for instance, I'm in the same time zone as Los Angeles.

  • Prior to Daylight Savings, my time zone preference said (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (America/Los_Angeles) (PDT)
  • Now that we're in Daylight Savings, my time zone preference automatically switched to "(GMT-07:00) Pacific Daylight Time (America/Los_Angeles) (PDT)".

However, if I was in Phoenix where there is Daylight Savings is not observed, then my time zone preferece of (GMT-07:00) Mountain Standard Time (America/Phoenix) (MST) stays the same all year.

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Very similar problem here in London; we had our time-zone set to GMT, and it didn't automatically convert to BST last weekend. We've now manually set it to BST, but would have expected it to automatically change over.

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I agree with Jon that this is not a U.S. problem only. It's global.

I am located in Europe with time zone CET, and we just switched back an our from CEST last weekend, 25 October  - but I manage Marketo programs in EMEA and APAC, so I'm conscious of all sorts of time differences and daylight savings when I work with the UK, Africa or ANZ.

What I observed with my Australian colleagues: Two weeks ago I had an event scheduled in their AEDT (they switched from Standard to Daylight on 4 October), which back then was still in my CEST. So the time difference at that point was 9 hours, and my .ics file was set to 9:30 am CEST = 6:30pm AEDT.

I assumed that when I switched to CET, my .ics file would be updated automatically, and the hour adjustment would show. But it didn't. My time zone went from displaying CEST to CET (which is good, as I understand other people don't experience that automatic switch in their time zones), but the actual scheduled time stayed the same. Due to that, my time difference all of a sudden was 10 hours, and my .ics file showed 9:30am CET = 7:30pm AEDT.

This is very frustrating. I had to go through all programs where .ics files are in use and adjust them manually. And the worst: This weekend on 1 November my US colleagues on the East Coast go from EDT to EST and they have a lot more events and webinars running that need that manual adjustment, too.

How come the time zone display adjusts, but not the set time?

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I noticed this is marked as a feature that already exists, but I just experienced this problem today. I scheduled an email for 2 pm but it did not send until 3 pm and I had to update to EDT manually. Am I missing something here?

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Make sure you have the right Region selected in your settings, as well as the right time zone.


  • "Central Time" has two different regions in the picklist:  US/Chicago; and El Salvador
  • My instance had "El Salvador" selected (which must not observe DST), rather than US/Chicago (which does observe DST).

When we updated our Region to the correct one, Marketo started automatically adjusting our instance to the correct time during the annual time changes.

So those who say it is a feature that already exists for US Time Zones are likely correct -- as long as you have the correct Time Zone AND Region selected in your settings.

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Since this idea was posted, many date-related issues have been fixed.  If anyone is still observing issues like this, they should seek resolution with Adobe Support.