Archiving Emails - 'Breaking' Template Connection

Archiving Emails - 'Breaking' Template Connection

How I use Marketo:

26 running partitions, 6 different templates per partition, each partition sends out 2-4 emails per week, 20+ people have access to these partitions

My (current) problem:

Every time we update an email template, the process takes a VERY long time to run.

We realized that the update was affecting archived emails- this is a problem for time efficiency, program efficiency (Marketo slows down when mass updates occur), and data.

i.e. Every time the template updates, we are losing the ability to see what we sent out at that date and time. Essentially we can't see how we've improved.

Having multiple naming conventions for new templates (in that same partition) is not an option as this leaves room for human error.

I'd like to propose that once folders are archived, the email breaks the association with the template. (Otherwise, what is the point of archiving emails other than to get them out of the way?)

An additional way around this would be able to un-share folders in design studio (which we currently cannot).


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