Allow users to see leads in a wait step

Allow users to see leads in a wait step

Currently you are able to tell the number of leads are in a wait step, but there is no way to see the specific leads in that wait step:


It would be great to be able to click this number and see the leads. You can click the number to see the total members in the campaign, so I can't imagine it would be difficult to show who is in a wait step. Another option might be a filter for "In Wait Step" that you set to "True" on a Smart List.

Apologies if this idea already exists! I searched and only found similar ideas that are 3+ years old!


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Has been created here 6 years ago:

Please vote for the original one, to give it more points and hopefully raise attention of PM


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Thanks Grégoire! I can't believe this doesn't already exist.

Do you happen to know how many votes an idea needs before it gets looked at?

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No, I don't and I would love to know

But surely, more voters on 1 idea is more likely to be looked at than scattered votes on multiple ideas.


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