Allow to refresh to see current SFDC field mapping

Allow to refresh to see current SFDC field mapping

A number of fields are missing from the Field Mapping section but display in Field Management. This is because the Field Mapping section of the instance displays the mapping for when the initial integration took place, instead of a current picture (I am only referring to the view, not to be able to edit again). I use the feature a lot to verify that Mkto fields and SFDC fields are properly mapped at the sync, but it would be brilliant to be able to do visually inspect also later.

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Hi Alex,

You are right, I never noticed this point. It's really weird.

We usually use the lead management view, select the field and look at the mapping.

added there Just do it! Marketo so-called minor missing features


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I'm shocked this isn't a bigger issue for Marketo Users. Depending on how complex your field mapping is in within your organization it is an incredibly painful task to figure out a field map between Marketo and Saleforce with an updated holistic field map, even with the method Greg suggested above.

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is this still an open issue? I am shocked to read this