Allow the use of tokens within Smart Lists of Smart Campaigns

Allow the use of tokens within Smart Lists of Smart Campaigns

Currently, tokens are only permissible within the Flow Steps of Smart Campaigns (in some instances, even that's not possible - and you must hard-code the actual value).  It would be a huge time-saver - especially as we templatize our programs - if tokens could also be used within the Smart Lists (triggers and filters) of Smart Campaigns.

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Wanted to implement tokens in smart list similar to example above. Hit a wall just like you guys.


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Hit the same wall. I'm actually baffled that this doesn't work like this. Cloning programs has just become far less valuable for us. Not sure where to go next...

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As we try to automate our processes, we use the API to do a lot and since you can't update Smart List Filters or Flow Steps via the API, we were hoping to use tokens instead. What a gaping hole in functionality.

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If you can't do this, and don't plan on ever doing it, at least put logic in the boxes to detect when a token has been put in the box and alert the user that tokens aren't allowed.  Justin Cooperman. save your users and support staff time.  

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+1000 please add this feature. It is super confusing that value auto-completes tokens in Smart List but it doesn't work!!!

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+10000 Please add this feature... this will allow for greater automation when cloning templates and save us all a tremendous amount of time 

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Seems like a no-brainer!