Allow templates to be changed after email created

Allow templates to be changed after email created

We have found that we will want to test out different templates, but cannot change the template once we have created an email. The biggest time that we run into this is we have our company logo template in English and French. If I want to clone an English email to simply add the French text, I cannot do this because I can't change easily from one template to another. It adds extra steps and causes me to have to have the English version open at the same time to make sure the formatting is the same. I want to have a button so that I can easily change the template once I have started working on an email.
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This is a great feature request! Please be patient but do keep voting up. I am confident that we'll make this happen eventually.

It's not as simple of a feature as it seems, especially with some of the upcoming changes we have in the 2016-Q2 release around how Email Templates behave and are structured.

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PS. Hubspot can do it.

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We like to run whole email Champion/Challenger tests with two different templates, and there is no easy way to accomplish it in Marketo. Gets messy fast!

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You can create two emails and do tests for full emails.  If you token in the text it makes it super easy.

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Have you considered building an email template with multiple different modules, and then just swapping modules between test version A and version B?

You can download the BP-ES YYYY-MM-DD Email Send program templatle from the program library and try it out. This template has 24 modules that you can swap in and out to create an infinite number of layout combinations.

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