Allow Forms 2.0 API customization on Guided Landing Pages

Allow Forms 2.0 API customization on Guided Landing Pages

So, I love the Forms 2.0 API! I use it on a near-daily basis to help extend the capabilities of Marketo forms in a wide variety of ways. Additionally, you'll see many custom Forms 2.0 API solutions mentioned throughout the Marketing Nation forums, because companies use forms for a wide variety of things.

However, when the JavaScript code is given to someone who's only used to working with Marketo Landing Pages (and defined form areas), it's really confusing for the end user. They don't know what to do with the code, how to place it, etc. While users can create open rich text areas to make this work, I'd like to propose something a little easier: have an "Advanced" tab (or similar UI) when placing a form on a landing page that would allow end users to copy/paste Forms 2.0 API methods. This would also decrease support problems as common questions and solutions could be stored in a way non-technical users could access them.

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Hi Courtney,

Like it!

Somehow have the same effect as this:

But for this use case (adding forms 2.0), this one is better, indeed.

The same would be used to enable users to add (conversion) tags to a given page (when they do not use a tag manager).

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