Alert about the incompatibility of batch campaigns and webhooks

Alert about the incompatibility of batch campaigns and webhooks

I think it would be a great idea if Marketo would alert users if they tried to add a webhook to a batch campaign or change a campaign to batch with a webhook in it. I use webhooks pretty infrequently and so I don't always remember that they don't work with batch campaigns and have, on several occasions, wasted time trying to debug my webhook when it simply wasn't firing because it was in a batch campaign.

I think that something that alerts user of the fact that their webhooks will not work needs to be added, that is unless webhooks will be made compatible with batch campaigns. Then, of course, this wouldn't be necessary.

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I absolutely agree. I just now wasted 4 hours troubleshooting what I thought was an issue, when it was a batch campaign incompatibility. I remember that there used to be an alert/error in place, which is why I never made this mistake before. What happened to it?

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Does anyone know what the technical reason is why we cant use webhooks in batch campaigns and for that matter send alerts within batches.

It's quite frustrating when trying to leverage the API in scheduled batches and cant use hooks or send alerts. Additionally, we can activate trigger campaigns via the API.

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Hey Matt,

The technical reason is it isn't allowed.

The conceptual reason is, I've long assumed, to dissuade people from creating truly massive webhook volume by accident. Obviously you can create a batch that calls Request Campaign against a trigger campaign and ends up trying to make a million webhook calls. But at least you had to know you were doing this. Of course it's also frustrating that, in having to turn Request Campaign, you're also not using the system optimally.

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