Add RCM stages in as a column in a smart list View

Add RCM stages in as a column in a smart list View

Similar to how you can add a segmentation as a column in a smart list view, it would be excellent if you could show which stage a person is in for your RCM model.

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Hi Carey,

The difficulty is that you can have multiple models and one person can be a member of multiple models. In this case, how would you display it ?


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Hi Greg!

In the same way that you have multiple segments. I envision that the Revenue Model would show up as a column and then the stage would be the value in the field. If you had 2 models, it could look like this. If they weren't a member of a particular model, nothing would show up in the fields

Name                    B2B Revenue Model      B2C Revenue Model

John Smith          MQL                                  

Mary Miller          Suspect

Jennifer Jones                                             Suspect

Mike Wilson                                                  Suspect

Bob Brown                                                  SAL

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You can do this already using Revenue Stage or by creating a Lifecycle Stage field that is stamped as part of the Lifecycle processing.

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Hi Josh,

We do have the Lifecycle Stage field, but I have seen some instances where that is inconsistent with the actual stage.

I don't have the ability to add Revenue Stage to a smart list. I have tried this in a few different instances and that functionality hasn't been available.

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