Add dropdown to preview for emails with dynamic segmentation

Add dropdown to preview for emails with dynamic segmentation

If you are using dynamic segmentation in an email and go to the preview you can select "View by Segmentation". Unfortunately the value picker for this is just a left or right selection. This means one has always to click through to find a specific value. It would be much easier if this is a dropdown field to select from.

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Thanks Karl-Heinz Thaler for bringing this up. I was going to flag this today as it's something that's annoying us since we moved to Email Editor 2 in August last year.

All this needs is to make the segments in to a preview so we can preview the one we require.

In my screenshot below we use this in Nurtures (dynamic content for languages) and we have to click through each one (annoying if I want to see French for example).


You can do this already in Landing Pages and I'm pretty sure you used to be able to do this in the old email editor.


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Hi Colin,

yes, the way it is in Landing Pages should also be available for Emails.

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