Add 'API Role' and/or 'Service Name' filters

Add 'API Role' and/or 'Service Name' filters

With the increasing amount of Marketo records being created and modified by external services/plugins bolted into Marketo using the REST API it is becoming very difficult to flow, classify and troubleshoot leads coming in through these channels. We can create multiple users with an API role and create multiple named key sets but we are unable to filter data by these more granular distinguishers.

For example, if we use the Marketo API to collect leads from our webinar provider as well as our survey solution or through an external community site or WordPress instance we cannot run these leads through different flows or simply count the monthly totals separately.

Adding filters (or relevant constraints) allowing the API Role or Service Name to add granularity to an increase in API activity is not only convenient but increasingly necessary. Especially when 'Lead Source' may not be useful as the lead is created elsewhere but modified by the API.


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Hi Casey,

Would it be feasible to extend your lead records with additional custom fields, and then insert new leads with values in these custom fields that further classify the leads according to where they are coming in from?



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Hi Derek,

We've implemented this for some of our custom API ingest usages. I.e. created an "API Source" field and had the API write an appropriate name value to that field when records are created. The issue here is that this isn't something we're typically able to implement with the 'major' out-of-the-box plugins that we're unable to configure. We've also had the APIs add imported records to specific static lists and triggered off those 'Add to list' events. This is generally better supported but isn't as intuitive as an 'API Source' in my opinion.


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For my intents and purposes, it would be sufficient if the name of the service was provided in "Registration Source Detail" field. Right now, all API created records have both in Registration Source and in Registration Source Detail the value "Web Service API", it seems like setting a more detailed value in Registration Source Detail would be the most logical and consistent with other registration sources.

Derek Fung​, can you please provide your perspective?

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