Add a "clear" or reset button in FORM 2.0

Add a "clear" or reset button in FORM 2.0

Hello ~

I dig the Form 2.0 codeless building, but am sad that the reset form function is gone. That was VERY usefull for data entry.

Bradley Smith 
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Hi Bradley,

While one way to look at it is that IF reset means something that cancels the current form and takes you back where you were, the browser's back button is already there. But if it means a button that clears everything that was typed, it's very easy to be clicked accidentally and decrease conversion. Would it be a valid reason for not including this functionality in Forms 2.0?

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If you need a kiosk type form, just turn off pre-fill.
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A short-term option would be adding a clear/reset button using custom JavaScript:
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I like Josh's uber-easy solution - yes, it's a kiosk situation. THANK YOU ALL! 
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