Activate/Deactivate Smart List Filters


Activate/Deactivate Smart List Filters

Often times, we play around with Smart List Filters to check potential results. We build a Smart List, add filters and then check how many and/or which records are being returned. There's some trial and error here, such as "What if I removed the filter for language - does it even make a difference?" And sometimes just one filter might be pretty complex if you have some constraints on it.


Now, if you want to test things by adding or removing filters, you have to remove them completely, and then re-build them if you decided you need to keep them. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just toggle them on and off?


Here's an example from the video game "Path of Exile" and its trade filters:


See the toggle on the left hand side. Three of six filters are active for the current query.