Ability to export Trigger Campaigns

Ability to export Trigger Campaigns

Currently, you can select to view all Trigger Campaigns in the Marketing Activities tree but from there you cannot export them into a working document or copy and paste them into a working document. 

The ability to export would help decrease time spent troubleshooting queries, help identify campaigns no longer needed, assist in platform clean-up increasing system functionality.

Please see screenshot attached that supports this idea.

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Lana Garrett​,

This is actually possible through "Campaign Inspector". If you do not have it enabled, navigate to Admin > Treasure Chest > Campaign Inspector. It will then be available as a tab when you click the topmost blue/black icon "Marketing Activities" in the tree. Filter the Campaign Inspector down to only view trigger campaigns and then on the bottom, click "Export to Excel".

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Devraj - You rule! That is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you, Lana Garrett

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Status changed to: Already have it