Ability to exclude campaigns from idle trigger campaign cleanup

Ability to exclude campaigns from idle trigger campaign cleanup

Sometimes you have trigger campaigns that haven't fired for 6 months, but you don't want them to be inactivated by the automatic idle trigger campaign cleanup. A good example is if you have an older asset on your site and a campaign attached to that. Perhaps it doesn't get downloaded often, but you still want to track those downloads and wouldn't want the campaign to be deactivated. 

It'd be great if there was a way you could check a flag to indicate that you do not want a specific campaign to be included in the idle trigger campaign cleanup.
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Another use case for this is for data management and lead scoring campaigns.  These should never be deactivated.  Even if the ability to exclude campaigns isn't on Marketo's radar, at least make it easy to tick a checkbox next to each campaign in a list of Idle Campaigns so that you can quickly flag for not deactivating.  Today, we have to go into every campaign and manually deactivate it/reactivate it so that it's doesn't get deactivated on the scheduled date.
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I think any campaigns with an Operational Tag should be excluded from the idle campaign cleanup.

I like the idea of a check box to exclude those in the clean up - but as a Global Admin, I can't make that call on the individual countries and they shouldn't make the calls on each others campaigns either (so by Workspace would be a good idea).

Another alternative is when you go to activate a triggered campaign, you include an end date as you would for a scheduled batch campaign and that end date syncs to the Salesforce campaign end date.

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