Ability to add snippets to templates

Ability to add snippets to templates

I think Marketo should enable the ability to add snippets to templates to make the email/LP build process more streamlined.

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Do you mean defining that a region in a template should be only replaced with a snippet? Or do you actually mean that the template should define which exact snippet in your Marketo subscription should be inserted into the template? If the latter, what would happen if the Snippet was changed or deleted? I would be somewhat concerned about that.

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I do mean the latter.  We have our systems pretty locked down and do not delete or update snippets unless we're intentionally making a wide ranging update - ie: copyright year.

Also, it would be nice if there were a fail-safe in place where if someone attempts to delete the snippet, you get an error message similar to that when you try to delete any other asset that is in use.

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I'd like to second this.

We have many landing and form pages that duplicate the navigation from our main site. As the navigation is updated regularly it is applied as a snippet.

We follow a defined template for our pages and many of the same snippets used to build the pages are required each time.

However when a new page is created we have to hunt for the same snippets every time rather than, what would seem an obvious solution, declaring these snippets in the template.

They do not have to be locked down for all pages created from that template and should be able to be swapped out if required, but it would be a useful starting position and make life easier for our editors who only use Marketo for occasional campaigns and not every day.

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Adam Dorman​ - Just FYI that for our email template syntax, you can specify which Snippet should be used as the default when a new email is created. See info here: https://docs.marketo.com/display/DOCS/Email+Template+Syntax

Not for LPs though

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