A Code Repository for code sharing

A Code Repository for code sharing

If you read any of Sanford Whiteman​'s hundreds of daily replies, it inevitably comes down to "Yes, what you want to do is possible through Javascript, search for my post on it."  Many of us have shared snippets of script in discussions and ideas but they soon get buried and fossilized.

I propose a Javascript / JQuery / Velocity repository where we can share snippets of script with each other. Maybe even a Jfiddle type of place so we can see working examples - heck, take it up a notch and allow it to work with tokens an auto populate our Munchkin / Instance addresses for Ready-To-Implement code.

The code would be categorized and would allow for comments but would be searchable by purpose and tags.

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This is great.  I am privately sharing with a colleague (to keep him anonymous) who was talking about this same thing and more. Let's talk about it offline.

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Very interested in this idea. Do you have examples of other sites that do this, so I can figure out what/how to build something on the Community.

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I'm assuming something like a file share or like a Box where we can tag a script. Heck, just make a community section where I can upload a document, tag it, describe it and people can ask questions. If there's some way to do a structured naming convention that'd be tatas.

I just posted a question today about needing a script for first names. It'd be nice to go to the forum and look for String Changes > Can Be Used In Emails > Can Be Used in Subject Lines.

Something like a Fiddle would be really nice....a fiddle that accepted tokens, so like a side panel where I could define a couple of tokens and then the Fiddle would allow it and could run Javascript, Velocity, etc.

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I see this is changed to "It's Complicated" but I'm not sure as to why.  There are numerous programs out there that do just this.  code.io, jsfiiddle and others are perfect example.  I don't think "It's complicated" as much as "it requires budget," but that's also a nice way of saying "it's a nice value-add" or "it takes away consulting hours."

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