2017 #MKTGnation Summit App Recommendations

2017 #MKTGnation Summit App Recommendations

  1. @Use actual badge scan instances for being able to comment and/or post anything about a session, review, etc.
  2. Utilize the app subscribed users for a session to adjust and/or change rooms due to capacity issues!
  3. Use the app to pre-register/check-in users who want to attend a session
    1. Allow standby/waitlist if not previously registered in the app
    2. People were annoyed and the lines were extremely long for many sessions, especially for the Champion sessions.  This was a huge disappointment! Being turned away from multiple session in a given time block is not an ideal user experience!
    3. Validate either through the badge scanning and/or QR codes
  4. As suggested in the app event for 2016 Summit, create a geo-location service (if possible, but not likely), that can track where the user is to validate that they are in a particular room or session when posting. 
  5. Close posting about a session within a particular amount of time (12 hours, more?)
  6. Make sure that the app actually pushes the images to the social channels when posting; Posts show lesser value on the social channels without the context!
  7. No more #lineaggedon

Liz (Courter) Oseguera

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

I attended the SiriusDecisions Summit a couple weeks ago and the app they used was fabulous.  The app was by CrowdCompass (a Cvent company, which ironically was also acquired by Vista Equity Partners).  What I like most about it was the individual session detail pages:

  • At the top was a clickable button to plot the room location on a map of the venue
  • There were two views: the full schedule (by day) or a "my agenda" view - which only showed those session that you added from the full view.
  • You had the ability to take notes on the sessions you attended - directly within the app
  • Many of the sessions had live polling - and was a great way to get the audience engaged, by participating in the poll via the app
  • Crowdsourcing of photos: images can be added directly within the app, by session
  • It was very easy to rate the session from within the app.
  • Filtering and sorting of sessions was very easy as well.
  • The activity feed allowed you to click on the photos to view the full size view and provided the ability to zoom in/out.  The activity feed in the Marketo Summit app treated every photo like an Instagram photo with no ability to zoom in or view a higher res version.

Below are some screenshots of a sample detail session page within the app:

Screen 1 of 4:


Screen 2 of 4:


Screen 3 of 4:


Screen 4 of 4:


Level 10 - Champion Alumni

On Android devices the DubbleDutch app was actually able to expand to full size images. 

That was a nice thing about having both the iOS & Android phones!

- live polling.... LIKE

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