WebHook using oAuthentication

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WebHook using oAuthentication

Hey all!

I'm currently stuck in a dilemma in which I need to use a webhook with oAuthentication in order to post data to another system.

At the time being I am hard coding the access token into the URL in order to access it. I am aware that I can create a separate webhook in order to attain the access token and store it in a variable to then use in the required webhook but this seems messy.

Is there a standard way to use oAuth on one of my webhooks within marketo in a dynamic way?

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Re: WebHook using oAuthentication

Please move the question to Products​.  "Community" is for website feedback, not product support -- and yes, this can be confusing!

Spolier alert: the answer to your question is that webhooks and expiring OAuth (Bearer) tokens are not intended to be used together. Webhooks are intended to be single-request + stateless; OAuth flows clearly are not. So you have to build a proxy that allows OAuth to be used without exposing its internals to the client.