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Pausing Engagement Program


Could you suggest the best way on how I can pause Engagement program for 2 weeks and when activating again, the leads will continue the flow (where they stopped). Many thanks!

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Re: Pausing Engagement Program

Hi Lena,

You can turn off (aka pause) any engagement program manually from the Set-up tab using "Program Status." Simply set to OFF, then set back to ON when you are ready to resume. Engagement streams will pickup where they left off with the next scheduled casts. (Marketo Doc: Turn an Engagement Program On and Off - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation )

If you'd like to do this using a Smart Campaign to update the Engagement Program Cadence for each person (then change it back after a wait step), that's well documented here:

I've used the latter approach to pause engagement programs over holidays, and it's worked like a charm.