Enabling Email 2.0

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Enabling Email 2.0

Good morning, Marketo Marvels!

My name is Peter and I am new to the world of Marketo, and I'm trying to learn by jumping in both feet first! Therefore, I have numerous silly questions to ask that a Marketo Superhero might be able to help me with.

I am trying to edit an email, and to do so it asks me to 'Enable the Email2.0 feature to edit this email'. Does anyone out there know how to do this, and be my virtual knight in shining armour?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Enabling Email 2.0


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Re: Enabling Email 2.0

Hi Peter,

1/ Move this question as suggested by Devraj

2/ This is to be done on admin -> email. But before you do this, mind the impact on other emails that use some v1 templates which might stop working after you upgrade to editor V2.

I have written quite a few blog posts on upgrading the email editor. Start reading here : Upgrading to the new email editor 2.0: a recommended migration path