Tip of the Day: 4 Caveats when using Adobe Marketo Engage’s CC/BCC Feature

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Adobe Marketo Engage Champion and Community Advisor @Darshil_Shah1 has a recurring series on LinkedIn where he highlights unique Adobe Marketo Engage tips that may help you with your programs. Check out a recent tip below on the CC/BCC feature!

💡 Adobe Marketo Tip of the Day 💡

A few years back, Marketo introduced the Email CC feature that allows users to include CC recipients in emails. Marketo can also enable the Email BCC feature for users upon request to the support team.

Email CC/BCC feature is excellent for small one-off campaigns if you'd like to keep your internal team/LDRs/Sales Owners in the loop and informed about the communication sent to people from Marketo, but it sure comes with its own caveats, including -

1. All the email activities by recipients in the CC/BCC would be logged under the activity log of the email’s main recipient. This could easily skew email performance reports and can trigger off campaign flows listening for email engagements even though the main recipient did not actually perform the specified activity.

2. Using CC/BCC options for large email campaigns can overwhelm the email server, as the copied person/people would receive a copy of every single email that is sent by the campaign to people.

3. Copied recipients may click through to a page with Marketo’s web tracking code (Munchkin.js) in the email, causing them to be cookied as the main recipient. This could easily throw off any web personalization if present, and all the web activities would also be logged under the activity log of the main recipient.

4. Marketo keeps a log of the preferences of copied recipients. Copied people who are listed as unsubscribed in your Marketo DB will not receive emails.

To avoid any surprises later, I'd highly recommend users to be cognizant of these little nitty-gritties of the Email CC/BCC feature before they use it.

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