[Adobe SUMMIT 2023] Marketo Community Challenge 7 - Favorite Thing About Community

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to the thread for the Marketo Community Challenge at Adobe Summit.



This thread is for Community Challenge 7 - Favorite Thing About Community!

Once you've registered an account on the Marketing Nation Community (for assistance, please speak to a representative at the Experience League Community booth), tell us your favorite thing about Community by replying to this post! 


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Complete 3 out of the 8 available Community Challenges to win an Experience League branded wireless charger (while supplies last)! Once you've completed any 3 challenges, show your Community profile (select the avatar on the top right of the community) to Experience League Community staff for your wireless charger! 


Thank you for participating - we hope you continue to have a wonderful time at Adobe SUMMIT 2023. 

Level 5

It’s the best place to learn from others. So many questions have already been answered. 

Level 2

The best thing about Marketo community is that it provides a platform for marketers to connect, collaborate and share knowledge and best practices on marketing automation which helps to enhance their skills and drive success in their marketing campaigns.