Are we restricted by segmentation limits or something else?

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Are we restricted by segmentation limits or something else?

hi all, I work for an organisation that has 14-15 sub companies beneath it, and around 120 'shops' split between these 14 sub divisions. We want to have a lifecycle workflow that each of these 'shops' works through, from opening through to closing. With customers sent updates throughout about coming soon products etc... Each shop will be at different stages of this workflow, needing to send different communications. moreover, our customers might need to be attached to two or more 'shops', receiving updates on each. I'm sure our implementer agency advised in the past that this wasn't possible to set up in Marketo. Please can anyone just jog my memory, as I'm struggling to find my notes, does the above sound possible, realistic & achievable in Marketo or not?


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Re: Are we restricted by segmentation limits or something else?

I'm assuming by lifecycle workflow you mean the Revenue Cycle Modeler in Marketo.


If your instance doesn't support more than one approved RCM models, then you'd need to contact Marketo support team and get your subscription upgraded to allow more than 1 approved RCM models in your instance. With the ability to have more than 1 approaved RCMs, you can theoretically have seperate active RCMs for each of your sub-companies, but seperate 15 different RCMs can easily become a task to setup and manage down the line. IMO having a seperate RCM considering every shop as an unit (i.e., ~120 RCM Models) doesn't seem to be very practical. Also, a person can be part of multiple RCM models, given that the WSs where the respective RCM models are created can access the person record, i.e., they're mapped to a common lead partition.